Per publication monthly charge limit: USD 6

The maximum you are charged for reading a publication is USD 6. However, you can susbscribe to and read posts from multiple publications on exyz so the total charge for a month of using exyz can be higher.

The rate of charge

Readers are charged full USD 6 if they read the publications for 3 hours or more in a month. However, if your usage is less than 3 hours, your total charge is also proportionately less. If you only read one post in a month for say 6 minutes, you are only charged about 20 cents in that month.

Beginning of month

The month starts on the first date for all the users.

Wallet balance

Prepaid balance is required to ensure that all the charges for publications you read are paid. Alternative models increase the cost of providing the services, which are eventually borne by the paying users. Moreover, the unused prepaid balance is always refundable at the time of account closure or when requested by you.

No Charges

Kindly note that, frames are always payable (at the same rate as paid text posts).

EXYZ’s commission

If you are a writer, EXYZ makes a standard 10% deduction on your earnings. That is, for every 10 cents charged from the reader of your publication, 9 cents are credited to your account. This includes the payment processing charges.

However, we estimate a 2% loss of sessions’ data (partial or complete) due to disconnections, reporting and server errors, and other technical limitations. Such data may never reach us and we cannot process the same. Neither you nor we can receive any charge for such loss. Although, EXYZ employs best procedures to minimise such loss, we recommend you to account for same.


You can request for a payout by accessing your EXYZ account. We are in process to add automated payouts (using Stripe) for most of the writers in many geograpies. Currently payouts are processed manually by our team via direct bank transfers, Paypal, and Crypto.

Although we try to make all the payouts without any additional charges, if you are based in a region or only have access to a payment method that is costlier for us to process than standard methods, we may require you to share part of additional costs. However, you can choose crypto payouts in such cases which are accessible to almost everyone.

Future changes to pricing

Although, we made best use of the available information to decide upon monthly charge, rate of charge, and exyz’s commision, we are still in the exploration stage and may need to change things in future. However, such a change will be announced well in advance while taking care of all the relevant parties.

We want the pricing to:

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