What is EXYZ?

EXYZ is a publishing platform that allows writers to create paid posts without any upfront paywall. Users are charged based how much time they spend reading your blog upto 3 hours and a monthly charge of USD 6.

How does it work?

Readers add balance to their EXYZ Wallet and start reading paid posts. As they spend time on the post, money is transferred from reader’s wallet to writer’s wallet.

What to do to start using a EXYZ?

Signup with EXYZ.

To start reading, login with your account. In case of paid posts, you need to have balance in your wallet to open and read. The wallet balance can go upto a negative 50 cents.

To start writing, go to your page from your homepage and create your first ‘public’ or ‘paid’ post.

What is the difference between frame and text posts?

Frames are video or html objects that publications can add. Although the text posts can be paid or free, frames are always paid for. The rate of charge for frames and text posts is same and total usage is counted when paying per publication.


All the transactions and payments are processed and presented in USD cents.

All the session are tracked and charges calculated on the basis of duration for which publication is viewed in seconds.

EXYZ’s Pricing

Please visit our Pricing page for details information on pricing.

What do I get when I login with EXYZ?

That depends on the publications you read and subscribe. publications can provide you with public posts (free to read), or paid posts. The charge for paid post is not upfront but as you read on the publications.

What to do if I find publication is not providing what I expected?

If you find the publication or its post not valueable or misleading, you can stop reading the publication/post. No amount is deducted from your wallet when you do not spend time on the publication.

How do I know how much I am charged?

A charge is based of how much time (in seconds) you read a publication for. You can find your monthly read time and charge for different publications in your EXYZ Wallet.

How does 6 Dollars ‘cap’ on publications work?

Publications have a monthly limit on the charge. So you are only charged for the time duration until you hit the limit. This prevents very high charge amount for heavy/regular readers of the publication. Users do not have to do anything but the ‘cap’ is set for every publication. Kindly note that every publication has a separate ‘cap’. If you follow and read multiple publishers, your monthly charges may go well beyong 6 US Dollars.

What is the currency of charge?

All the charges and payments are processed and presented in USD cents only. This is done to standardise the charges and accounting. Kindly keep the comparative local pricing in mind while using any publication to estimate the cost and value of service to you.

Where are more of the FAQs?

They are being prepared. BTW, you know you can always contact if you need any assistance. Happy payging!